Homesharing is a great way to save on high accommodation costs whilst providing support to an individual. A Homesharer is typically an individual who may be pursuing studies away from home, or working a day-time job. Your occupation can either be full time or part time, but you should be able to provide at least 10 hours of support per week to the Householder. In return you don’t pay any rent to the Householder, just our monthly fee!

To match with a Householder, a Homesharer need to have the qualities and the skills the householder is looking for. In return, the Householder also has to match the profile the Homesharer is looking to live with. Generally, Housholders may seek the following support and services:

  • A person who can offer quality companionship and social interaction
  • Someone to stay in the house overnight to provide a sense of security
  • Light domestic tasks like shopping, cooking, light cleaning and gardening
  • Technical support for older householders such as help with a computer
  • Someone to watch TV with in the evenings
  • Some may need a person who can drive them to their doctor’s appointments and other pre-agreed on places.
  • Taking care of pets

Homesharers are not carers and must not provide assistance with washing and dressing, medication giving, moving and handling a person, toileting or handling of any bodily fluids.

Depending on the agreement, a Homesharer will need to be at home 5 to 6 nights a week with a few days of leave per month. The usual minimum time for Homesharing is about 3 months but this can be discussed with the homeowner. You will need to have a DBS check before moving in with the householder.